Happy Christmas from Mr. C, Dolly, and Me

pexels-photo-250175I always think of Perry Como at Christmas.

My dad loved Perry and so I watched Mr. C’s shows–in black and white; yes, I’m that old–and even after I left my parents’ home, I watched the Christmas specials in living color. It just wasn’t Christmas if I missed Perry!

Good, old Perry, gone these fifteen years. I miss him. And this year, I’m missing Dad, and Mom, too. And I miss the Beneficent Mr. Hall, who basically sat on the couch from December 1st on while I ran around like the holiday Little Red Hen, doing everything.

Hard to believe I miss that, but yeah, I even miss Mister Man ditching his holiday duties.

So it’s a little bit of a hard candy Christmas here at the Hall House. But like Dolly sings, I won’t let sorrow get me down. Because you know what I’m not missing? The love of Christ and family and friends far and near. I’ve got lots of love walking with me this Christmas and that’s still about the best gift ever.

And so for those of you having any kind of a hard time this holiday, I’m sending a special song, from Mr. C. himself, singing in one of his very early–yes, it’s in black and white–Christmas specials. You’ll never walk alone, friends.

Happy Christmas!