The Importance of Speaking (In Front of People)

Because I come from a radio background of news and public service, I’m fine with talking to strangers.

(And trust me. There are a lot of strange people in the world. And before you think I’m being all judgey, I’m including myself in that category.)

So as a writer, I don’t have a problem getting up in front of strangers and talking about myself or a book that includes one of my stories. But I totally get that many writers struggle with this part of the writing business. And I expect many in the publishing business get it, too. But that doesn’t mean that writers will get a pass in that department.

It means that once you’re an author, you must be prepared to talk about your book. That’s the topic I addressed over at the Muffin today: “Talking About Your Book. You Can Do It!” So zip over there and give it a read for tips on getting comfortable talking to strangers.

‘Cause like I said–lots of strange people in the world. But hey, strange folks read. A lot. (Or so I’ve heard.)