Recycle Those Words! (And Happy Earth Day!)

2009-12-01 11.51.25So…I just took a quick walk around the Ecological Footprint Calculator and my goodness, what big (ecological) feet I have!

It’s an embarrassment of riches we have here, in the United States, and I’m afraid I haven’t been as good a steward of those riches as I should have. But it’s never too late to change, and I can work on reducing my ecological footprint. For one thing, I can improve on my recycling efforts.

It’s funny, because I’m very good at recycling my words. If an essay doesn’t work for the market I first submitted to, I try, try again to find a home for it. I may have to tweak the words a bit, but happily, I often find another market. I like the publication credit, of course, but I like not wasting my efforts even more.

So on this sunny Earth Day, I challenge you to recycle. Shake off the cyber dust from one of your essays, give it a spiffy shine, and submit it to a new market. And while you’re at it, get that plastic container out of the trash and into your recycling bin.

Now, see? You and the Earth feel better already. (And good luck!)