How To Thank An Author

2014-08-05 09.06.04The other day, a writer friend posted on Facebook about how much she was enjoying Kidlit Summer School and how amazing all these authors are, sharing their time and expertise, and just in general exclaiming (and if you think I use a lot of exclamation points, you should’ve seen her post. Seriously, it was like a gazillion exclamation points!) over their wonderfulness. And how can you possibly thank authors for this kind of wonderfulness?!

Not to brag, but I’ve got this one. And you can get the answer over at The Muffin today where I share “Saying Thank You To An Author.”

You’re very welcome.


P.S. That’s my specially made thank you note, that goes with my new business cards. Look what’s on the back (Wheee!):

2014-08-06 09.01.13