Tuesday Tip(s): Writing a Children’s Series and SCBWI

I don’t expect everyone loves research, but for me, it’s the thrill of the hunt on the way to the treasure. And I love to pick up gems as I go.

Here’s a post I found in my search for info on editor Diane Landolf (Random House). This little gem, with all kinds of great information on writing a series for children, is courtesy of the SCBWI in Metro New York. I love a post packed with tips and this one is brimming. I also love a succinct post, and this one nails that, too. So if you have a few minutes, you can learn a little something something about series writing and what editors look for in this area.

If you have a few more minutes, you might want to read a few of the feature articles provided by the lovely folks in the Metro New York SCBWI. You’ll find tips from agents, tips on query writing, tips about setting, tips on the digital age. All succinctly written and provided for your perusal.

And here’s my last tip. SCBWI chapters all over the country have swell websites, packed with tips. Many (including my chapter, Southern Breeze), provide an online magazine with all kinds of writing-for-children information. Some, like Metro New York, update a blog regularly for even more tips. And if you’re a member of SCBWI, you’ll have access to even MORE information and tips. Not to mention the opportunity to meet some of the finest children’s writers around.

I mean, as treasure goes, SCBWI is worth its weight in gold.