Spring! Giveaway! (Achoo!)

ImageYay for the first day of spring! Achoo! The sun is shining, the daffodils are blooming–achoo!–and I’ve got just about the cutest book ever to give away! Achoo!

Okay, the yellow, hazy cloud of pollen accompanies spring around these parts. So amidst the sound of lawn mowers and kids playing outside is–achoo!–the call of allergy season. But even allergy season cannot dampen my love for this sweet board book by Hannah Hall.

Come to think of it, Hannah’s pretty sweet, too. You can read all about her, including my delightful review of God Bless our Easter, over at The Muffin where I blogged about both a few days ago. And as I had this sweet book, and no sweet little ‘uns to give a book to, I thought I’d welcome spring with a book giveaway. Wheeee! Achoo!

If you live in these lovely United States, you can win the book. All you have to do is leave a comment here, at THIS post, before Thursday, March 27 when I draw a winner.

And maybe you could do one more thing for me? Pass the tissues. (Achoo!)