Send Your Story to HerStories

dear writer 001I’m a little behind with this Tuesday Tip, but I have a good excuse: I was writing. And I happen to know that most of you who stop by here are writing, too. You tell your stories in whatever you write, from fiction to poetry to blog posts. And so here’s a call-for-submissions that’s perfect for you.

The HerStories Project is looking for your story for their HerStories Voices. And here’s what they had to say about it:

We’re thrilled to announce our latest HerStories Project addition: a new column called HerStories Voices. Here we’ll publish two essays per month. We’re looking for the kind of writing that moves us, amazes us, and makes us wish that we had written it ourselves. As always, we want to highlight the best of women’s voices and show the uniqueness and commonalities of women’s experiences.

You can get all the details about guidelines and submitting here, and I hope you’ll read them carefully and write your story. Because here’s the thing: I read your blogs, friends. I read your stories every day, and they make me laugh and smile and sigh and sometimes cry. You’ve been polishing this kind of writing, and your voice, nearly every time you send a post out into the world.

So write your story. Submit. I can’t wait to read ’em over at HerStories.

Tuesday Tip: Sell Your Talent for Five Bucks

Have you seen Fiverr®? I could write the explanation but it’d be better (and way more fun) if you just go and read the front page. And then dash right back here, because honestly, you will get happily lost in that rabbit hole.

See what I mean? And that’s just the “featured” group of talent going for five bucks. Zip around a bit and you’ll find all kinds of things that folks will do for five bucks. I mean, nice things that folks will do. SO many artists and writers and musicians and…well, just super creative types out there, with super creative services to sell.

I’m not sure that a freelancer is going to get rich there–heck, I’m not even sure a freelancer will make five bucks with Fiverr®–but I am smitten with this site. It’s like a whole bunch of five-year olds, raising their hands, trying to get their mommies’ attention. “Look what I can do! Watch this! Look at this!”

And I racked my five-year-old brain parts, trying to come up with some quirky writing talent that I could sell for five bucks. So far, my super creative side’s been a bust.

Probably because it fell into Fiverr® and can’t get out.


Tuesday Tips on Writing and Publishing a Book

ImageIt’s finally here: Children’s Book Week

I don’t have a horse in this race, as the expression goes, but I’m still excited to hear about the Children’s Choice Book Awards, 2013. Any minute today, they’ll post those titles, and I’ll take a few minutes to dream about my books and the what ifs that might follow…

Of course, first I have to deal with a little sticky wicket I call “publishing.” So, Tip One:

Book Publishers Accepting Submissions by Location

I can’t say for sure if a regional publisher is an easier sell. But I can say that this list of publishers are accepting submissions (unlike bigger publishers who only accept agented submissions). A local publisher may be a perfect fit for your proposal or manuscript, particularly if your book has a regional bent.

And Tip Two comes from one of my very favorite authors, Margaret Atwood. She shared her Ten Rules of Writing Fiction. Because before I can get my book published, I have to write the best book my brain can bust out. So I particularly liked Rule Ten:

10. Prayer might work. Or reading ­something else. Or a constant visual­isation of the holy grail that is the finished, published version of your resplendent book.

So, yeah. We’re back to publishing. And if I’m going to write and pray and visualize, I might as well dream big.

Like the Children’s Choice Book Awards. (You get a trophy, right?)