People Are Strange (But Oh So Interesting!)

Cathy on golf cart

A golf cart, for chasing down great stories at the beach.

I had lots of interesting adventures during the August weeks I spent at the beach. And it’s a good thing because I have to come up with something to write about over at the Muffin.

Today, it was “How To Attract the Best Stories” which sounds exciting, right? And it is about getting great stories to come to you, but it’s more than that. It’s really, now that I think about it, getting people to come to you. People have great stories and they really want to tell someone their stories.

Case in point, the guy that followed me and my friend ALL OVER FORT PULASKI (and yes, I left that part out of the Muffin post).

Now before you start thinking that me and my dress blowing all over creation were enticing, I’m going to stop you. The gentleman’s wife was in the fort as well–though now that I think about that, she was on the other side of the fort. But she was there.

Anyway, the ghost hunter (in case you haven’t read the Muffin post, yes, he was a ghost hunter) sidled up to us at the first stop at the fort and stuck to us like glue. We’d slow down and I’d read something out loud and my friend and I would have a bit of a discussion…but there’d he be, our friendly ghost hunter, waiting for us at the next stop.

He had lots of stories. Not necessarily ghost stories–and often they’d be the SAME STORIES WE’D JUST READ ON A PLAQUE–but stories all the same. And if I’m being honest, out of all the times I’ve been to the fort, this is the one adventure I’ll long remember.

I’ll mine that trip for lots of stories I’ll write about in the future. So I’m glad I went. Even if I did barely escape what could have been the most embarrassing moment of my life with a port-o-potty.

(You didn’t read the Muffin post, did you? Go check it out and you’ll find out all about the port-o-potty story.)


May is for Magic

pexels-photo-127053It’s no secret that I’ve had a spot of trouble this past year, getting my writing going. But I think I may have wandered back to the joy of words, the thrill of creating. I think that I may have found my mojo again.

Which is not to say that I’ve suddenly written up a dozen manuscripts or sold a handful of others. That’s not what mojo is about, friends. It’s about magic.

The kind of magic that happens when a batter is on a roll, seeing everything good that crosses the plate. Or when a lawyer keeps winning case after case against all odds, or even when a mom has one of those days when the kids are happy, everything in the house is working smoothly, and at the end of the day, pizza–that’s still hot when it gets to the table!

Mojo. It’s a wonderful thing when you have it in your life. So if you want to know how I got mine back–and how you can get yours back, too, in whatever you’re pursuing–then zip over to the Muffin and read all about it in “Getting Your Mojo Back.”¬†

And P.S. May all my Mom friends– in whatever way, shape, or form that takes for you– have a wonderful and mojo-filled Mother’s Day!



You are looking at the new and improved, highly organized Cathy C. Hall.

Um…let me rephrase that. You are looking at the BLOG of the new and improved, highly organized Cathy C. Hall.

Now, I’ll grant you that the blog, more or less, looks the same. I’ll even admit that on the outside, I more or less look the same. But on the inside…ah, I am a changed woman. A changed writer! And all because of this:


And this:



You can be, too. Zip over and read “Accomplish Your 2017 Writing Goals with this Perfect Solution” at the Muffin today.

(And yes, I know saying that I have the perfect solution might sound a wee bit braggy. But I can only work on one character trait at a time. Next year, I’ll tackle humility.)

Magic Ticket? Yes, Please!

ticket-1539705_1920Here’s my horoscope for today:

You’ll influence others, but more importantly, you’ll comply with self-directions. To follow your own instructions is no small deal; in fact, it’s the magic ticket and the key to getting what you want.

Which wouldn’t be so weird if my post, “The Writer’s End-of-the-Year To Do List”¬†with all kinds of instructions, didn’t just happen to be up on the Muffin.


If the universe went to all that trouble to get my attention, I think it behooves me to tackle that list. And so off I go (and I hope you’ll join me! I mean, it’s not every day that I come up with a magic ticket!)

December: The Start of Something Big

DSCN5786December seemed like the perfect time to share this quote often attributed to Picasso (but probably wrongly so. Still, it’s a fine quote, whoever said it.):

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

When it comes to writing, I suspect that I’m better at helping others bring out their gift than I am at my own work. And now that I’m a bit older and possibly wiser, I’m pretty okay with that.

When my daughter’s story was selected for Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Angels and Miracles, I was thrilled for her! And recently, she was interviewed about her story for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. She made a point of mentioning that her mother was a writer and that I’d helped her polish her story and encouraged her to send it in–and she was disappointed when none of that part of the interview was included. But that’s the way it often is when writers lend a helping pen. We don’t help others tell their story for the glory; we help because there’s a joy in seeing a writer succeed, whether it’s one story that needs to be told or the beginning of a long and successful career.

There’s purpose there, in the giving away. And a purpose here is that I shared something over at the Muffin this weekend that you might’ve missed. It’s just a little bit of writing advice but maybe it’ll be the start of something BIG for you and your writing!