Bring On The Write Stuff at Kidlit 411

party-hatsI’m not one to do much wild and crazy partying on my birthday, but I am all about celebrating other folks’ birthdays. And when those folks happen to be a wild and crazy bunch of kidlit writers who are giving away prizes…well, it’s bring in da noise and bring in da (writer) funk, ’cause I am down with winning prizes!

They’re having a birthday bash over there at Kidlit 411 (it started yesterday with a HUGE giveaway of all things picture book related!) and it continues through tomorrow (January 7th). If you want to win, you have to jump on the rafflecopter giveaways before January 15th.

And after you sign up for everything–and join everything Kidlit 411-related–then zip over and check out all the resources offered by this amazingly talented bunch of writers from the children’s world of literature. Many of them have their own blogs, of course, and you’ll want to catch up with them (and read their lovely books!). So even if you don’t win a party prize, you’ll still be a winner, enjoying the support of this terrific kidlit community.

(And P.S. I sorta told a fib. I kinda do par-tay on my birthday, and it gets a little noisy and a bit funky town. But I don’t give away any great prizes. Unless you count the booby prize. I pretty much win that every year.)

Finding Writing Treasures

I know what you’re thinking.

You see treasure…


and your beady, little eyes light up. But I’m afraid I’m mean this kind of treasure.

Writing Treasures pic

Still, I hope your beady, little eyes light up. Because I’ve just added my favorite writing  links on the interwebs to my website. You know, those not-so-secret spots where I hook amazing information, super tips and advice, and just plain good writing and fun.

Honestly, I’ve had this task on my To Do list for a while. I wanted all my links in an easy-to-get-to place here so that I could…well, get to them easily.

See, despite my best organizational efforts, sites often drop off my radar. I sign up for them, and they arrive in my email, and then poof! They quit arriving in my email. I have no idea why. And because I’m ever so much older now, I tend to forget all about the amazing sites. Out of site, out of mind, I guess. (I know. I”m sorry for that pun. I don’t seem to forget those, do I?) So I carry on, blissfully unaware, until someone makes a comment somewhere and I think, “Hey. Didn’t I used to get those posts delivered to me in a timely manner?”

Now, I have all my writing treasures right here! And as an added bonus, when readers visit, they can find my writing treasures, too. If you’d like to share your favorite writing treasure, I’ll add it to the chest. Even if it’s your own lovely site. Because the more writing treasures I find, the better writer I become. Which leads me to grander, richer thinking.