What’s The Word?

DUSTY  VINTAGE KEYBOARDGosh, another year? So soon?

I mean, dang. I’m still pondering. Though there’s one word–challenge– that keeps circling around in my head. I’ve pondered quite a bit on this word.

I’ve been so blessed this past year, seeing my books published, finishing a manuscript that not only I love but that my lovely agent, Karen Grencik at Red Fox Literary, loves as well. I’ve enjoyed writing retreats and conferences and getting to know so many wonderful writers. Truly, a bounty of blessings.

And yet, I wonder if I haven’t got just a wee bit complacent, writing-wise. Sticking to the sure things, shying away from the scary challenges.

You see? There’s that word again: challenge. Perhaps that needs to be my word this year, as Margo Dill wrote about in her New Year’s post over at The Muffin. Her word is “organization.”

It just so happens that despite my lack of challenge last year, I did hit my stride in organization. You can find out how in The Best And Simplest Time Savers of the Year over at The Muffin.

So here’s to a year of words. May we find all the words–or maybe just the one word– to make 2016 a winning year!

Putting My Feet Up Till 2016

file2701263517189Ah, the week after¬†Christmas. Let me just put my feet up for a minute and I’ll tell you all about the absolute wonderfulness of the December Lull.

Hold on a sec. Why don’t I just direct you over to the Muffin where I expounded on Late December Questions?

Well, maybe not expounded. I mean, it’s the December Lull and I’m sort of taking it easy. Let’s just say I loosely explained why these couple days are so perfect for us writer types.

And then you’ll know why I’m here in my big, comfy chair. And maybe you’ll join me for your bit of pondering.

(In your own chair, people. Your OWN chair.)

Kaboom Goes the Time-Saving Tip


I gave myself the gift of time, taking off a couple days for Thanksgiving. So I took care of writing business early. One of those tasks included a post at the Muffin.

Isn’t it nice to be able to schedule work to post at a later date? That’s a big part of the tool I wrote about over at the Muffin in “A Social Media Tip Worth Dancing About.”

If you have books coming out–traditionally to self-published and everything in between–you’ll want to take a look at this tip about Thunderclap.¬†Seriously, it will blow your mind.

And even if you don’t have a book coming out, you may have another project in your church or school or community that would benefit from a Thunderclap campaign. ‘Course you won’t know about all the time and effort you’re saving yourself if you don’t zip over there and give it a quick read.

A little time now could save you a lot of time later!