What Not to Do Wednesday (Again with the Proofreading)

Last Wednesday, we encountered that classic proofreading “What Not To Do.” Namely, the family faux pas (don’t ask immediate members thereof to check your work. Just don’t. As in do not EVER unless you want to drag everyone to the next therapy session.)

So who you gonna call? It’s not like there is a ProofreadersBusters hanging around waiting to check out your manuscript. Or maybe there is.

They’re called writing critique groups, and you’d be surprised how many of those are, in fact, hanging around waiting to check out your manuscript. But finding the right group…ah, there’s the rub. Do you go with a specialty genre group or a general writing group? Do you want folks who are in the business of writing for Fame or Fortune, or folks who just like to write for Fun? Do you jump into an online critique group or drive across town to the library?

Well, little grasshopper, there are some things you must find out for yourself. Like what group is the best fit for you. Because, believe me, groups have personalities, styles, character. And you want to choose a group that matches yours. That’s the way to success.

A good critique group can fix a writing problem, keep you on track, and give you support. I know that’s what my buddies at the Centerville Writers do for me. Come to think of it, my group is a little like a therapy session (with a few grammar tips thrown in). So don’t sit around, reading your manuscript over and over again, wishing for an extra pair of eyes to give you a little insight. Go out and find your own ProofreadersBusters.

P.S. Or visit the Centerville Writers the first and third Thursday of the month, from 10 until noon at the Centerville Community Center.

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