Finding Something Fridays (Except it’s Saturday)

It’s just that by the time I finished watching Johnny Depp slash his way through London, I was wore out. But I really wanted to share what I’d found, especially since I’ve intended to share this wonderful website for quite awhile.

It’s so easy to avoid actually writing by reading really great websites and blogs about writing. So I try to limit my browsing. Still, there is one site, Writer Unboxed, that I absolutely won’t skip. And when I rushed over yesterday to see what was new, I found this awesome clip from YouTube and Straight No Chaser.

Some day, I’ll find out how to add a YouTube video to my blog. But for now, check out Writer Unboxed. And not just for the holiday video of Straight No Chaser. If you write fiction, I guarantee you’ll find plenty to help you navigate the Road to Publication. I have a feeling those writers may be a little further along the way than Cathy C. Hall.

That’s okay, though. There’s enough of the pie for us all to share. (As long as it’s not one of Mr. Todd’s meat pies.)

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