Tooting My Horn Tuesday: The One with Double Entendre

I waited all day for something to come along to toot my horn about, but geez. Where’s Fame and Fortune when you need it?

Here’s the thing. The last time I was soaking in my Thought Intensification Tank (AKA the tub) I hit upon an idea for Tuesday blogging (see above). That was a few days ago; plenty of time for something to come along to toot, toot, toot about.

Well, a few things have come along, but I wouldn’t say they were exactly toot-worthy. That doesn’t mean that Tooting My Horn Tuesday is a bad idea. Only that it would be a better idea if there was something I could actually toot about.

So tune in next Tuesday. There’s bound to be something by then. Or toot your horn, if you’ve got a mind to. And one more thing. Maybe I should change my title for the tub, too. Or do you think TIT’s okay? 🙂

I'm Always Fishing for Compliments. Wait! Comments! I meant Comments!

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