Finding Something Friday: Name That (Christmas) Tune Finale

And now it’s time to say goodbye to all our jolly tunes!
M-E-R (Arrrrgh, mateys! I’ll miss you!)
R-R-Y (Why? Because I love you!)

(Yeah, today’s verse is not one of my better efforts. But the pics are pretty awesome, right?)

Answers: Walking in a Winter Wonderland, Joy to the World, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Away in a Manger, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas! (And a happy new year!)

Name That (Christmas) Tune, Day 3

Yes, we’re still having fun at the old Hall of Fame,
with our jolly and musical Christmas tune game!

Some of my friends have been oh-so-smart,
and deciphered the songs from my so-so art.

But today’s little songs are really a doozy–
(I like that word ’cause it rhymes with jacuzzi.)

Answers: What Child Is This? and All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth

Name That (Christmas) Tune, Day Two

We’re having some fun at the old Hall of Fame

with a jolly and musical Christmas word game!

Take a look at the cards I’ve posted today–

Can you guess the tune that each of ’em play?

So how did you do? Did you figure ’em out?

(There’s more for tomorrow, so don’t go and pout.)

Answers: Deck the Halls and Noel

Name that (Christmas) Tune

‘Tis the week before Christmas at the old Hall of Fame,

And I found something fun, a jolly word game!

Take a look at the cards that I’m posting each day-

and see if you know the tune it will play.

The art’s not so great, but y’all are great thinkers.

Now don’t peek below, you bunch of old stinkers–

Until you’ve made a guess, or maybe a few.

And happy Christmas to all (and Hanukkah, too!)

(Answers: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow and O Christmas Tree)

Finding Something Friday: The One With a List

So I cleaned out ALL my emails, which was really just cleaning out a TON of newsletters and such that had been languishing in the old inbox. But I found some interesting stuff to share with you, the languishing summer writer.

1. Kate Wolford over at Enchanted Conversation is having a contest, perfect for summer. She’s looking for a great character sketch of a summer fairy, in 300 words or less. All you writer friends who are hooked on memes, put that writing practice to work for you! Deadline is June 17th.

2. Need some fast summer money? I just came across London Brokers, a web content provider. Unlike Demand Studios, you don’t have to apply. But you don’t make much moola, either. Still, pay is through Paypal. Just pick a topic, write, and get a flat fee.

3. Cheryl Klein is the speaker for a WD webinar on “How to Plot and Structure your Novel.” You’ll also get a query and first 250 words critique. So if a conference will break your budget, or you simply can’t get away, here’s a chance to hear an amazing editor (she’s a senior editor with Arthur Levine) for $89.00. The seminar’s June 23, but you’ll have access for a year, so you can listen and learn whenever you get your lazy summer boomerosity in gear.

4. And because some of you have little ones (or grand little ones) and might be traveling, I’m throwing in this site called MomsMinivan with its printable car activities and games. If I’d had this little gem back in the day, I would not need Golden Auburn or whatever haircolor Gloria uses to disguise the gray hairs I earned on kiddie road trips. And don’t forget rainy days–stick the kids in an inside fort and throw a few games and flashlight inside. Bottom line: You can save a ton of money for yourself in hair dye down the road.

That’s it, my summer sistahs (and brothers). Go forth and languish no more!