Finding Something Friday…Fruit?

Here’s a Finding Something Friday mystery for you: What does this lovely basket of fruit have to do with Cathy C. Hall?

And please don’t say that I’m a melonhead. Instead, sit back and I’ll explain how these delicious melons, grapes and strawberries connect to the Road to Publication (and Cathy C. Hall).

Think of these fruits as your wonderful pieces of writing…essays, short stories, poems. Perhaps you’ve placed these documents in a safe place, like a file on your computer. Maybe you’ve made a hard copy, too. Or zapped them onto a flash card. The point is, you’ve saved them and you think they’re safe.

But wait! Here comes a tornado! (Or some other natural disaster; I’m not that picky) Are you going to scramble around, looking for your flashcard? Laptop? The plastic crate filled to the top with your notes and manuscript? I don’t think so. My guess is that you will run for your life and lament your lost words later.

Unless you’ve already set up another email account and sent copies of all your files to said account which you use primarily as storage. Then you could access every single word you’d ever written. All those wonderful strawberries, melons and grapes will be just as fresh as ever and waiting for you.

I found that little storage tidbit in this month’s Writer’s Digest. And I found the basket of fruit in my kitchen today. It was delivered to yours truly and Mr. Hall for our anniversary.

Granted, it was a bit of a stretch connecting that basket of fruit to my tip for the day. But hey, us melonheads are smarter than we look!

One thought on “Finding Something Friday…Fruit?

  1. Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary!Sorry to be tardy in the wish, but I have been busy flying 2000 miles across country to welcome a squirmy little bundle into the world — my grandson. What a neat idea the fruit basket was! Beautiful and delicious too.Best wishes always,Cileface

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