What Not to Do Wednesday: What’s the Buzzzz?

This morning I received a nice email from one of the editors of Wow! Women on Writing to let me know about some buzzzz at The Write Spot. Anne-Marie Nichols blogged about saving money at conferences and shared a link to my article The Cheap Writer’s Guide to Conferences at Wow!

Wow! You never know who’s reading your words, huh? Which brings me to our What Not To Do Wednesday. It’s all about our words zipping back and forth out there in Internet Land and how we should take care of the words we write.

Remember that article you dashed off and forgot to proofread? Now it’s floating around with a few errors that make you cringe every time you see it. Or what about that post on your blog? You know you misspelled a few words, and maybe a link doesn’t work, and heck, it might not even make sense. Oh, grasshopper, never put off til tomorrow what you can correct today.

Because you never know who might be reading. A potential employer, editor, or publisher might just be taking a peek at your work. Don’t let those mistakes come back to sting. You want the buzzzz about your work to be bee-autiful.

I'm Always Fishing for Compliments. Wait! Comments! I meant Comments!

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