Tooting My Horn Tuesday About Alalit

Yeah, I know Alalit sounds funny…like somehow a martini should be involved. And for all I know, martinis were flowing at the Alabama Writers Conclave get-together this summer when awards were presented. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the festivities.

So, I had to wait all these weeks to find out how my story, “The Chocolate Cake Bait,” fared in the competition. And now, doot-doot-doo-doot-do-do-doooo: Second Prize in Juvenile Fiction!

The doot-doo’s are supposed to be horn-tooting, in case you were wondering. And Alalit is the magazine where you can find my story, in case you were wondering about that, too. You can click here to read, but you’ll have to do some searching before you get to “The Chocolate Cake Bait.”But go ahead and read a few of the other winners’ stuff on your way.

Lots of fine writing in Alalit, even if it does sound a little funny. And they also sent a sweet check. (Nothing funny about that! Um, I hope.)

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