What Not to Do Wednesday: Better Safe Than Sorry

Do you read the comic strip Pearls Before Swine? Take a look at today’s first two panels…

Hahahahahaha! Oh, grasshopper, that’s pretty funny, huh? But writers should be careful when it comes to friends and loved ones. Recently, I wrote a funny essay about my mother and called her, all excited to share the news that the story would be published in an upcoming anthology.

Er, mom didn’t find the story half as funny as I did. I believe her words were, “You can send me the book, but I’m not showing it to anybody.” Well. That kinda took the bloom off the publishing rose. I’m not withdrawing the story, mind you. But people are funny. Especially when it comes to writing about them.

Oh, that Stephan Pastis makes me laugh. I’m sure he’d make Miss Marie, the Unsupportive Mom, laugh, too. (If I were to send her this post. Which I’m not. ‘Cause I’ve learned what not to do, grasshopper.)

2 thoughts on “What Not to Do Wednesday: Better Safe Than Sorry

  1. Is there any way you can stay out of trouble? :)Here’s another rule. People tell you that if you do an impression of someone in front of them, they won’t recognize it as being them….that’s not true either.

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