Got Poetry Smarts? is looking for someone to write a column about poetry forms. I suppose it would be a huge plus if you actually wrote children’s poetry. Then, when you were going on and on and on about a specific poetry form, like, oh I don’t know…whatever…you could write a poem, explaining the form.

I think you might need to actually know quite a bit about poetry, too. Guess I’ll be passing on this market. Not because I don’t LOVE poetry (I do!) And not because it’s not a paying market (tons of exposure here!). Mostly because I can’t think of a poetry form…

Wait! Would a limerick do?

There once was a writer named Cath, who wouldn’t get out of her bath.

I think so much better, when my brain is wetter

So bring on my homework in Math!!

Hey, maybe I should rethink this whole thing?  Contact the editor at…before I do.

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