Tooting My Horn Tuesday Goes Off on a Tangent

Oh, I so want to toot my horn. But I can’t…yet. So I’ll toot Dav Pilkey’s horn instead. Because anyone who comes up with Professor Poopypants’ Name Change-O-Chart 2000 is BRILLIANT!

Good old Dav wrote the Captain Underpants series (which also happen to be brilliant!) and Professor Poopypants was one of his villains who changed people’s names so that…well, do evil geniuses really have to have a reason to be a poopypants? Anyway, here’s how it works: go to the website here and put your name(s) in the appropriate spots. Then voila! Your new name is delivered tout de suite!

My new name is Buttercup Wafflebrain, which I’m so in love with, I want to marry it! I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Buttercup. And speaking of marrying, a certain someone’s name came up as Poopsie Wafflebrain.

Which is totally ironic since I have been known to call a certain someone Poopsie on occasion. I wonder how Professor Poopypants knew that? I guess he really is an evil genius.

4 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn Tuesday Goes Off on a Tangent

  1. “Lumpy” is a time honored, treasured American name.Who could forget “Lumpy” Brannum, Mr. Green Jeans.How about “Lumpy Rutherford”, Frank Bank of “Leave it to Beaver.” Frank Bank, now that’s a funny name! He is, you guessed it…a banker!

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