Tooting My Horn Tuesday For a Centerville Writer

Just had to send a horn toot out there for Ann, one of the Centerville Writers. Just received an email from her saying that a piece she’d written had been accepted for publication! Though she didn’t win one of the money prizes, she still won. Because Ann put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard… or brush to canvas. Um, she’s a multi-talented gal.). The point is, Ann wrote something and submitted it. And considering that she’d been away from writing for a long while, that first step had to be difficult.

So, hooray for Ann! When her piece is online, I’ll go back and put a link to it. Meanwhile, I’m inspired. In fact, I’m downright perky with the possibilities floating around in my brain.

Guess I’d better put my own pen to paper. (Thanks, Ann!)

I'm Always Fishing for Compliments. Wait! Comments! I meant Comments!

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