Time Running Out for New Voices Award

You only have till October 31st to get your submission in for this annual award established by children’s publisher Lee & Low to recognize new talent. But before you mail that manuscript, there’s a few minor details:

1. The New Voices Award is for picture book authors of color. The competition is looking for writers who address the multicultural needs of their readers. I don’t think they’re including the color white.

2. Entries must be appropriate for children ages 5 to 12, and less than 1500 words. And your manuscript can be either fiction or nonfiction. But submissions of folklore or animal stories will not be accepted.

3. No entry fee. Wheeee! Also, no previously published book author need apply. Booooo! I can’t say whether they’re including self-pubbed here. Guess you could always try.

4. Why try? Because you could win a publishing contract and big bucks. Even honorable mention wins big bucks.

So quit reading. No, wait! Check out all the details at Lee & Low’s website. Then quit reading and get to work on that manuscript. (Now color yourself tickled pink.)

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