Finding Something Friday Adds Followers to My Blog

Yeah, I know I already wrote a Finding Something Friday. But I found something else. And it’s Friday. So, sue me.

To tell the truth, I’m a little conflicted about adding the “Followers” gadget here. On the one hand, it’s a cool little widget and I’m all about the cool blog bling. On the other hand, if no one signs up to follow my blog, then I’m forced to look at that widget screaming, “Hey, Cathy! Remember how bad you felt in the third grade when you didn’t have a single, solitary friend? Don’t you feel EXACTLY like that now?”

I think a nun eventually made a girl (poor Valerie) play with me. So, do not make me chase you down to sign up for blog-following. Because, honestly, I will come after you.

And that includes you, too, Valerie.

8 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday Adds Followers to My Blog

  1. Heh. I feel the same way about the widgets and follower thingees and what not. Btw, Cathy, you won the copy of MURDER FOR HIRE: The Peruvian Pigeon from my trick’or’treat contest! email me at and I’ll pop it in the mail!

  2. If I complained to my 3rd grade teacher that no one would play with me, all she would do is give me more homework. If my teacher had a blog, I wouldn’t go anywhere near it. She would probably insist that I read every word of it and write a report. If you promise not to make me do that, I’ll keep reading your blog.

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