Tooting My Horn Tuesday for the Write Gifts For the Writer You Know

I know what you’re thinking. You’re all like, “Girl, haven’t you won enough write gifts!” And I’m all like, “Yes, I do have a ton of writing books.” And maybe I haven’t like, read them yet. But today, I’m tooting my horn for all those hard-working Santa’s helpers over at WOW!

They’ve been busy. They kept a list and checked it twice to find the best write gifts for the writer in you. A team of elves over at WOW! Women on Writing ‘Zine have put together a holly-jolly Holiday Gift Guide! And it’s brimming with more than books. You’ll find cute writer gifts like pens, and shirts, and pencils, and notebooks, and techno-crazy stuff, too. Just click on the Holiday Gift Guide (all you have to do is look for the big, red package. Just like the one here) at the WOW! site and let your fingers do the buying.

Or better yet, do what I’m doing. Send the link to your special someone and make his holiday shopping easy. I know the beneficent Mr. Hall will be thrilled to finish his shopping from the comfort of his big, cozy chair. Because despite all the books I’ve won, from the look of things, I could use, like, some help.

4 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn Tuesday for the Write Gifts For the Writer You Know

  1. Be careful. You’ll be like those “regular” contest winners we had in radio and they’ll restrict YOU from winning to “once every thirty days.”

  2. Shopping online is for lazy folk. I like to fight traffic,get drenched in the rain,spend hours looking for just the “write” gift, stand in line, watch as my credit card is declined, return to my car to find my windows smashed and my GPS/Radio/Ball of Yarn/Stick of gum/gone. Hmmm…you know what,I’ll take you up on that WOW! right now!

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