Finding Something Friday Gets in the Holiday Mood

I’m late, I know. Oh, not with this Finding Something Friday post. I still have a few hours before Friday ends. But Advent started Sunday and I meant to share this article with you at the start of Advent. But today will have to do.

I wrote “Five Ways to Add Christmas Spirit to Your Advent” for Girlfriend 2 Girlfriend Magazine’s December issue. I wanted to write about Advent, and they wanted an article about Advent. Isn’t it swell how that worked out? So, if you’re looking for ways to add a little Christmas to your Advent, you can take a peek here (Click on the magazine. It’s further down the page, scroll a little bit more…There’s the magazine! Now, click on page 48). See that lovely wreath?

This is the Cathy C. Hall Advent wreath. Not exactly lovely, but we love it, all the same. That old Advent wreath never fails to bring the Christmas Spirit.

And speaking of the Christmas Spirit, I found a call out for the Cup of Comfort Book of Christmas Prayer. The editor, Susan Townsend, is looking for true, uplifting stories and devotionals with a Christian Christmas theme. Devotionals should be 350 to 400 words, stories should be 1200 to 1500 words. She plans to cover the 25 days leading up to Christmas (see how I worked Advent in again? It’s a sign that you should read my article!) and the days after, leading up to January 6. So, get creative. In a true kind of way, of course. Send those subs with standard contact info and a short bio pasted in the email to CoCChristmasPrayer at Now, you know I don’t mean for you to use the word “at” in that email address, right? And you should also know that time is of the essence. Those stories are due by January 6th.

It’s not too late after all! You can use a little Christmas Spirit from my Advent article to get you started. (C’mon. You had to see that coming.)

6 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday Gets in the Holiday Mood

  1. Cathy, I want to read the article but I couldn’t access it. I’d love to read it so give me a clue.PS: I’m judiciously considering where I should display my t!

  2. I have the worst Advent Calendar of all time. I think it has the Grinch on it or something. You gave me a great thought. I should make an advent wreath using an old reel to reel pickup spool. It’s radio, it’s Christmas!

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