Tooting My Horn Tuesday for Future Centerville Writers

Look at those smiles! That’s what writing will do for you. Well, writing and winning.

Those young writers surrounding yours truly are the prize winners in the Centerville Writers Student Poetry Competition. We met on this fine Tuesday at the Centerville Community Center for the awards ceremony and reception. I’m the coordinator of the Centerville Writers, so I had the honor of giving the prizes and certificates and such. Oh, and we heard some great poems, too.

Justice Davis, standing on my right (or is it my left? I can never figure that out. It’s the girl standing next to me, okay?) read her first place middle school poem, “I Am From Basketball.” If she’s as handy with a basketball as she is with words, she’ll go far.

Davon Peeks, the 8th grader standing on the other side of me, won Honorable Mention for “I AM.” Davon impressed me with his quiet, yet powerful poem.

Next to Davon is Safia Siddiqui, a tenth grade student, who won first place for “My Cup of Love.” Safia’s poem was a mature, moving poem about relationships.

And last, and as it happens, also the least (She’s just a kindergartner!) is Samantha Smith, who won first place for her acrostic poem, “Family.” You know, it’s not easy for a kindergartner to write a whole poem, but Samantha did a fine job.

The winning writers will be published soon in the OneStop newspaper (a publication distributed by Gwinnett County). It’ll be their first clip. I hope they’re proud. I know I was proud when I saw them standing up there, reading those poems. Even if they’re not my kids. They’re writers.

And they’re on their way.

3 thoughts on “Tooting My Horn Tuesday for Future Centerville Writers

  1. Congratulations to all! I like to joke lots but this time I’m not. This is important. To encourage youth to create, write and communicate only makes the world better. Thanks, Cathy, for sharing this and await news of others to do the same.

  2. There is too much news about kids gone bad, kids who can’t read, kids who aren’t prepared. Thank you for letting us know about these kids, who not only want to write poetry but excel at it. Oh, the young lady in the tan jacket is on your right. Our left. Right?Centerville is in Gwinnett. Or is it Houston? I am thoroughly confused.

  3. Thanks for sharing my enthusiasm!I have a junior Hall who grew up to be a poet. I think winning that writing competition in kindergarten is what lit the fire for him! I’ll always be grateful to the teacher who sang his praises.Oh, and THIS Centerville is in Gwinnett. (Though I’m sure Centerville in Houston County is lovely, too).

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