A-Reading We Shall Go

So, I had a stack of books I thought I might read during my mini-break. Reading’s easier than writing, I figured, when holiday havoc reigns.

But then I forgot all about the books that I invariably receive as gifts. Ooooh! A book about Charles Dickens! Ahhhh! A cookbook with a bonus CD! Yikes! A book of short stories I gave to one of the junior Halls with this one story I must read (and maybe one other short story…and look! I’ve always wanted to read that short story!).

Bottom line, I did read. Just not the books I thought I’d read. Oh, and I finally finished my sorta free copy of Boomtown, another book by Thomas Nelson Publishing. Which means my obligatory review follows.

(Wait! I just remembered that last night, I cracked opened Murder for Hire, The Peruvian Pigeon, which I won a few months back. I’m only on page 19, but so far, Dana Fredsti and her cast of characters have piqued my interest. Oh, and I made use of travel time yesterday, too, checking out Writer Mama and Getting Known Before the Book Deal (I won those books, too!). You know, Christina Katz has some good stuff. So, if I finish my holiday haul of books, plus these three books, I should be brilliant! (Or technically, brilliant-er!)

One thought on “A-Reading We Shall Go

  1. Every summer would result in the same thing. I always thought the reading list from school was a suggestion. How could I be “forced” to read was my equivalent to the famous New Orleans “Brownie, you’re doing a fine job” moment. I should be playing baseball, riding my bike, hanging out with pals, building my basement radio station where I would prepare myself to, one day, be a professional announcer where I would have to…read…..other…..scripts……..DOH!

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