Finding Something Friday is Off to the New Year!

Happy 2009!

Hang on a sec-who’s that smiling on the first Friday of the New Year?

Yep, that’s me! On the very FIRST page of the Bylines Calendar for Writers. When I opened this nifty desk calendar, I thumbed through the pages, starting at the back. Halfway through, I got this funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. And not funny ha-ha.

Did the editor forget me? I read the ENTIRE calendar. I was almost sick to my stomach before I turned that last page. (Oh, not because of the writing…the writers’ stories are swell! But I was a teensy-weensy bit worried that my writing story hadn’t made the book. Yes, I know, I had the complimentary copy and a nice letter, but I have this funny little gene that pops up every now and then. Also not a funny ha-ha gene. The gene that shouts, “Something’s gonna go terribly wrong here!)

But then, wheee! There I was on page 1! Okay, enough about me…I’ve already told you how wonderful the calendar is and it’s not too late to order. Check it out here, and check out the writer’s guidelines for 2010. Wouldn’t that be funny if you were on page 1 next New Year’s? (And this time, I mean funny ha-ha. I’m smiling now thinking of your funny face. Guess which funny I mean now?)

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