Finding Something Friday: My Precious

You know that creepy little hairless guy in the Lord of the Rings? The guy who, in an eerie obessive whisper, referred to the ring as “my precious”?

I’m that guy. Except instead of a golden ring, it’s my dusty, old computer. And, I still have my hair. But if I don’t get my precious back today, I may start pulling my hair out and jumping around on all fours. I’m that crazy without my computer.

The beneficent Mr. Hall has allowed me to check email and such, using his business computer. This morning, he had an errand, so I have a few minutes for Finding Something Friday. Here’s what I found out about this nasty little virus that attacked my precious.

The helpful computer guy said that he had 20 computers in his shop with the same virus. That no anti-virus software could prevent or get rid of this virus. That if I ever see that black screen come up again, hit ALT and F4 IMMEDIATELY. He may have said lots of other technical and/or interesting things, but I think I went into some kind of shock. The whole episode’s a little hazy.

The only thing I’m really sure about is my precious is still in the shop. And I’ve organized every single thing in my house. Twice.

6 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday: My Precious

  1. You mean Carmine? Carmine can “fix” just about anything. He took care of those pesky creditors for me. That nosy neighbor? He convinced her to “disappear.” On second thought, don’t call Carmine!

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