New Year’s Do-Over

You know how kids LOVE the do-over? With the way 2009 started, I’m thinking kids are onto something with the do-over.

I started the New Year with my computer being on the fritz, so it was pretty bleak around F & K…and pretty much everywhere else in my vicinity. On the upside, I managed to get sorta organized. And along those lines, I set my writing goals. Take a look at a few of  my 2009 goals. Find one you like and keep it for yourself!

1. Keep up with trends in children’s writing by reading newsletters instead of waiting for them to pile up in the inbox (and then deleting them).  Hint: Try Publisher’s Weekly or Library Journal for up-to-date publishing news.

2. Consider the benefits of joining a professional organization. (Is it time for me to give up winning a free membership and just pay the darn fee? ) Hint: See the biggest organization of them all: SCBWI.

3. Network, network, network. (But write, write, write, first) .  Hint: Check out Jacketflap, the social network for children’s writers, illustrators, publishers and editors.

I think that’s enough to get us all started. Hopefully, we won’t need a do-over by February.

I'm Always Fishing for Compliments. Wait! Comments! I meant Comments!

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