What Writers Do When They’re Not Writing: Number 24

For the past few days, I’ve been reading blogs. Oh, and websites, too!

I didn’t start out to spend HOURS reading blogs and whatnot. I started out reading one blog. I think it was The Muffin (the blog at WOW! Women-on-writing). And I thought, gee, I really need to add The Muffin to my blog so that I’ll remember to read it. Then, since I was reading a Muffin post about other writing blogs, I thought, gee (again), I’ll just check this one blog that’s mentioned.

Suddenly, I was scampering from one blog to a website to another blog. I got totally swept away by all the fantabulous blogs and whatnot out there. But, I learned lots of swell writing stuff. I entered a contest on Writer Mama (and won a copy of her book!). More importantly, I had a third thought. Gee, I said to myself, I should write down all these urls and add them here on my blog. So, any minute, those fantabulous blogs and whatnot will show up under Favorite Detours.

Now, you can get detoured, too. As for me, I’m thinking I should probably get back to writing. Or one of the other 101 things I do when I’m not writing. (Like Number 3, reading books I’ve won! Whee!)


P.S. Thanks to Christina Katz, my favorite Writer Mama!

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