Where, Oh Where, Did My Widget Go?

Perhaps I’ve mentioned the Computer Fiasco of ‘o9 before? The one that zapped out stuff willy-nilly? That single-handedly spiraled me into a state of near panic? And caused me to lag behind for an entire week at the very beginning of the year when timing is so crucial that I was nearly forced to throw in my writing towel?

I’m okay. Really. It’s just that I lost my counter widget. And now, who knows how many folks have been dashing over here? I sure don’t. But it’s okay. Really. I’ve been looking around for a shiny, new little widget. In fact, I think I’ll test drive a few.

So, in that little, forlorn spot where my counter used to be, I’m going to try widgets till I find the one that fills the empty hole in my hard drive. Now, should I start with something terribly, terribly educational, thus improving my mind and the minds of those who stumble upon my blog?

Or should I go for something a little less esoteric? I do love that Stewie on Family Guy. Especially when he takes off on novel-writing…

Stewie it is. I mean, c’mon. This is a writing blog.

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