Finding Something Friday: Fonts and Funds

Looking for ways to make writing pay off? Search no more, my little fund-seekers.

This week, I was a tad busy catching up on web content writing. And I thought, Hey! Here’s a way for a Junior Hall who just happens to be living back at the homestead to generate some funds (or beer money, depending on your perspective on life).

Junior Hall and I sat down to pick a Demand Studios article in which Cathy C. Hall could show him the ropes. I/he wrote “How to Act Like an Anime Character.” People pay for that, you ask? Oh, yeah, they do. I learned tons about anime, and Junior Hall learned how easy it is to write web content articles.

Demand Studios is hiring writers; they pay a flat fee per article. Suite 101 is hiring, too. They pay based on web views, so your articles may not generate funds immediately, but you’ll generate what we in the business like to call a “passive stream of income.” Which is just a fancy way of saying that your writing will pay off while you sit back and do nothing. And Ehow works the same way. You don’t even have to apply to Ehow; just sign up. You could make a living off of writing web content. Or at least enough for a six-pack.

And if you need a break from all that web writing, find out what font you are. Take this quiz here for a little insight into your font personality. I think I came up “Helvetica,” the classic font. Let me know how font-astic you are. Now, off you go! Fonts and funds wait for no man (or woman).

2 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday: Fonts and Funds

  1. Fonts are nice but no link has ever come close to your Captain Underpants Namechanger. I already know I’m a Ariel…and a Tarus/Gemini (on the cusp).

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