Finding Something Friday on February 13th

Friday, February 13th is one of those “it could go either way” kind of days.

If you’re thinking of hearts, chocolate, roses and rubies, you’re the kind who might appreciate my Valentine post to Premium Green over at the Muffin (WOW’s blog). It’s not terribly mushy, but I’m not gonna lie. I got a little choked up when I read my “I (heart) PG” list.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking that just reading a blog post about Friday the thirteenth is risky business, then you might be cowering under your computer till tomorrow. But if you crawl out from under the computer, you can check out Dog Oil Press. This is a great find for a day like today. They’re looking for submissions of 961 words (or 981 words?…I’m not sure why the odd number. Maybe it just makes them laugh) that are darkly humorous. DOP is a relatively new market (thanks to PG for bringing it to my attention!) so they’re still looking for submissions. And they’re a paying market. Not vast amounts of money, but enough to buy a big, old box of chocolates. And I’m not gonna lie about that, either. I could eat a whole box of chocolates…all by myself. And probably write a darkly humorous 981 story about the episode.

So, maybe Friday the thirteenth will turn out lucky for me. One way or the other.

P.S. Want to win a copy of Writer Mama? Leave a comment (yes, you can leave it here today) about why you love writing. And if I draw your name, a brand-spanking new book will be on its way to you before you can say “Isn’t that the book by Christina Katz?”

2 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday on February 13th

  1. So was Friday the 13th lucky for you? My friend was born that day & she's the only redhead in the family & growing up she was teased that her strange birthday was the reason for the hair color 😉

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