Tuesday Tips ‘N Things

Here’s  a Tip I love, which we’ll call the “Move Along, Little Doggie” Tip:

Let’s say that you are deep in the process of typity-typing away and you come to a spot where you want to write about that bodyof water with the funny-sounding name that always makes middle schoolers laugh. But you cannot for the life of you think of that name now. Rather than stopping to Google endlessly, hoping to stumble upon it whilst getting involved in the latest celebrity shenanigans, or calling a Lifeline, only to spend fifty minutes talking about the shenanigans you Googled, just insert ________ or ——– or even *******. Then keep typing away. That way, you’ll keep your writing mojo going. And when you review your writing the next day, you’ll see those little ******and wonder why you couldn’t think of Lake Titicaca.

Now, here’s the Thing: That terrific tip is courtesy of George Singleton (the marking your writing spot with the underline key and moving on, not the Lake Titicaca part of the tip. I mean, George is an acclaimed Southern story writer and novelist who would probably know Lake Titicaca).

Anyway, George’s most recent, scathingly brilliant book, is called Pep Talks, Warnings & Screeds. He’s tooling around blogdom this month, spreading his wit and wisdom, so that you, dear writer, can learn and grow. Tomorrow, his blog tour stops at yours truly’s other blog,  Cathy ‘s C.’s Hall of Fame, to give you a peek into the book.


So,  pop over for his post at What Not to Do Wednesday, where I get the day off and George gets to share his scathingly witty writing tips, or pep talks, warnings or screeds. I’m kinda hoping for a screed, myself.

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