Finding A Contest and…Bread Art?

You heard me. Bread art. Which is one of those things that you can love so much, you can eat it!

The Grain Foods Foundation is all about bringing attention to the problem of hunger in America’s cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Rural or urban, the problem’s growing everywhere. But you can do something about it just by going to The Bread Project (  and making your own little piece of Bread Art. Check out my toast creation in the Gallery while you’re there. (Okay, I’m not gonna lie. I spent way too much time trying to make myself deliciously appealing).

Maybe your art will give you an idea for the Alabama Writer’s Conclave contest. There’s all kinds of categories, but what you’re going to like is the Juvenile fiction category. I placed in this contest last year, but I might try again. I like to support my neighboring states and writers, and the entry fee is only $8.00. Deadline’s April 30th, so don’t dilly dally about.

And I’m gonna get right to that story as soon as I get something to eat. I’ve got a sudden craving for um, toast.

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