Win a Wonderful Children’s Book (If I Can Stand To Give It Away)

Oh, I love this book: Through Endangered Eyes by Rachel Dillon. Tomorrow, the author will be leaving a few words at Finders & Keepers, the blog where I find children’s stuff you’ll want to keep.

Guess that’s why I want to keep Rachel’s book so badly. She sent it ahead of the blog tour date so I could take a peek. And I really enjoyed the poetry (and April is Poetry Month!), plus the amazing art. In fact, when one of the junior Halls saw the book, he stopped right then and there, read the whole thing, and pronounced it “terrific.” I suppose once a picture book lover, always a picture book lover.

But my junior Halls are all grown up. And this is a picture book that should be shared with little ones. Read the book, save the world’s ecosystem. Check out my new feature called “Peek-a-Book” on Friday, April 24, for a closer peek at Through Endangered Eyes. And sign up to win! (But I’m keeping the magnet and bookmark!)

3 thoughts on “Win a Wonderful Children’s Book (If I Can Stand To Give It Away)

  1. OK. I’m here. It is Friday, April 24, 2009. Where’s Peek-A-Book? Wait. I get it. I’m supposed to search every nook and cranny of the blog to find it!

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