Tooting My Horn Tuesday in Big Pulp

I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it! Which, to be perfectly honest, is the whole point of Tooting My Horn Tuesdays. (Um, yeah. That was a bad pun, but I had to pointer out. Aaaack!)

My story, “Mary Beth’s Prophecy” is now live over at Big Pulp. I really love that story, even though it is a bit twisted. I really like Big Pulp, too. Tons of great speculative fiction: a little bit of horror, science fiction, fantasy, crime, mystery, and a lot of twisted.

Speaking of twisted, the beneficent Mr. Hall often speaks of a woman who worked for his family when he was a tiny tot of beneficence. On Monday mornings, she would talk about how she’d gone out on Saturday night and got “her wig twisted.”

I’m so excited about “Mary Beth’s Prophecy” that I might go out and get my wig twisted right now.

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