Tooting my Horn Tuesday for Fiction365 and a Trade for Treasure

You know how stories are like children?

You birth your ideas and mold ’em a bit, then fix them up all pretty and send them out in the world, hoping they’ll succeed in some small measure.

Now, with my stories, as with the Junior Halls, I don’t like to play favorites. I love them all the same. But sometimes, I like a story just a smidge more than the others. I don’t like to say that too loudly, because I don’t want the other stories to get their feelings hurt. Because really, I love all my stories (just in case any are listening).

Anyway, here’s a little fable I wrote called “A Trade for Treasure” that’s appearing today over at Fiction365. I’m not saying it’s any more special than any other story. Not like it’s a favorite or anything (Psssst. It is.)

Fiction365 is a website devoted to sharing a story a day, 365 days a year. It’s a simple premise; a bold promise (I kinda borrowed that from the website), and I love dropping by each day to see what story’s up. You can like them on Facebook, too, and then you’ll see the day’s story pop up when you’re doing your socializing. And P.S. If you’re looking for my story after April 5th, just click on the calendar and “A Trade for Treasure” will pop up.

I hope you’ll like the story and the website. Maybe you’ll even find a nice home for one of your (favorite) stories. (You might want to keep that “favorite” part on the down low. Because if your stories are anything like the Junior Halls, they can always tell if you’re playing favorites.)

Looking for a FREE Writing Class?

I’ll just cut to the chase here, because I know everybody’s busy writing, writing, writing. But maybe you’d like to try your hand at writing something a little different? Maybe you’re an essay writer who’d like a few pointers on fiction writing? Or a short story writer who’d like to try poetry?

You can take writing classes from top colleges and universities for free. Um, let me repeat that, just in case you weren’t paying attention to the free part. YOU CAN TAKE WRITING CLASSES FROM TOP COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES FOR FREE. And you can take them online, in the privacy of your own little home, in your own little pajamas.

And while I’m mentioning free college courses, you might be interested to know that in many states, folks over 65 can take ANY class in a state college or university for free. In fact, the qualifying age varies from state to state, so check your hometown college and university for more information.

So, if you’re looking for a sweet writing class, for FREE, here’s a great site to get the information all in one place. And won’t you feel grand when you tell your friends that you’re studying poetry at Yale?

(See Junior Hall? He’s smiling and pointing at Juniorest Hall. He can smile because Mom and Dad paid for his college degree, the one he got in creative writing, penning a ton of poetry. Pffft. On the other hand, Juniorest Hall, sitting around in pj’s all day, is not a pretty sight. So I guess it all works out in the end. Except that I still don’t understand his poetry. Maybe I should take the Yale class.)

Tooting My Horn Tuesday for WOW! On Fiction and Voice

The latest issue of WOW-Women on Writing is out and it’s packed-PACKED-with tons of terrific info for the fiction writer!

No matter how much I think I know, I always find more that I need to know from WOW! So I’m going to be busy reading this fine morning. Well, all except for the article on voice. But only because I wrote that article.

I had a few writer friends give me a hand with the article, and I know you’ll want to see what they had to say, too. I have a feeling my regular readers will recognize a couple names…Donna, Madeline, and Beth often drop in here at the Hall of Fame. I’m so glad they pitched in their voice!

So, here’s VOICE: Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are by yours truly (and friends). I hope you enjoy it-and if you have a favorite story or novel, rich in voice, share it with me here. I was so taken with one of the writers’ favorites that I went straight to the library to check it out. It was a wonderful read, too. (For extra points, see if you can guess which book I checked out!)

And you know what? I kinda lied. I’ll probably read my article again.

Tuesday Tip: So You Wanna Write A Series

You don’t have to start out writing a series to end up with a series.

That’s the tip I got from Fiona Ingram, who’s over at Finders & Keepers today, discussing her book, The Secret of the Sacred Scarab. Well, technically, she’s discussing the writing of the book, and it’s good stuff.

Fiona started out to write a simple book about two boys and their adventure in Egypt and ended up with a series. How does that happen? I could explain it, but Fiona does a much more eloquent job. So give her a visit, ask her a question or two. She’s a lovely person (really, she’s kinda gorgeous), and quite the interesting writer. Oh, and she self-published her book (and then got a contract from a traditional publisher…how’d that happen?)

Um, I should probably dash over to my other blog and ask Fiona myself! Follow me…

Tooting My Horn Tuesday in Big Pulp

I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it! Which, to be perfectly honest, is the whole point of Tooting My Horn Tuesdays. (Um, yeah. That was a bad pun, but I had to pointer out. Aaaack!)

My story, “Mary Beth’s Prophecy” is now live over at Big Pulp. I really love that story, even though it is a bit twisted. I really like Big Pulp, too. Tons of great speculative fiction: a little bit of horror, science fiction, fantasy, crime, mystery, and a lot of twisted.

Speaking of twisted, the beneficent Mr. Hall often speaks of a woman who worked for his family when he was a tiny tot of beneficence. On Monday mornings, she would talk about how she’d gone out on Saturday night and got “her wig twisted.”

I’m so excited about “Mary Beth’s Prophecy” that I might go out and get my wig twisted right now.