Finding Something Friday on Madmen and Markets

Looking for something fun and funky this Friday? And maybe just a tad sixties-ish to get you feeling younger than you are? I thought so.

Get on over here and Madmen yourself. That’s Cathy C. Hall, looking stylish and oh, so sleek. Pretty much an exact pic of me (how do they do that?) And thanks to Krysten H. for bringing this find to my attention!

And now for something completely different:

I sent something to HCI Books for the Ultimate Pastor and I received an email today saying one or two things you might find interesting. I suppose an email talking would be interesting enough in itself, but wait. There’s more.

The title of that book in the Ultimate series has changed to The Ultimate Christian Living: Uplifting Stories and Profound Advice about Faith and Fellowship. And the new submission deadline is October 19th.

Well, that’s one of those good news, bad news things, isn’t it? The good news is that I have time to write another story or two and submit to this wonderful market (they accept stories and photos, and their books are beautifully produced. They pay well, too). The bad news is that my pastor story doesn’t seem to quite fit the guidelines now. I mean, it’s Christian and all, but it’s not exactly profound.

Anyway, you can check out what HCI is looking for at their website.

And I’ll go Madmen the beneficent Mr. Hall. (Wow. Now, if that’s not the spitting image of Mr. Hall, I don’t know what is. Right down to the donut.)

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