Finding Something Friday…It’s Always Something

You never know what you’re going to find on a Friday.

So, when I saw an email from Ayub inviting me to be his Hi5 friend, I had to do a little checking. Because a. I don’t know Ayub (Perhaps he’s a fine fellow, and perhaps I’m being picky. But I like to actually know, in some way or another, folks I’m actually befriending). And b. I don’t know Hi5 (Call me crazy, but since the Computer Crash of ‘Aught Nine, I don’t click on just any old link).

Turns out that Hi5 is a social networking site. Well, I guess you learn something every day. But I’m still going to pass on Ayub and Hi5. I’ve got my hands full with that other social network. (Talk about never knowing what you’re going to find…but that’s a story for another Friday.)

One thought on “Finding Something Friday…It’s Always Something

  1. I know what you mean. Spam is everywhere and it's a big problem. Bots will register on a site and spam members. That's why you have to do word verification before you post. I just opened a Tumblr account strictly from peer pressure. I'm ashamed.

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