Schmoozing with Breezers and Cathy-on-a-Stick

Goodness! Where have I been?

Propriety prevents me from telling all, but I can share my recent trip to meet other children’s writers where I  schmoozed it up.

The Southern Breeze chapter of SCBWI sponsored a couple of Schmooze events, and one was in my very own backyard (or twenty miles down the road for you literal types). So, off I went to hear words of wisdom from Shelli Wells and Nathaniel Lachenmeyer.

Shelli is a Southern Breezer who writes YA by night and works marketing magic by day. If you haven’t checked out her blog, Market My Words, then you’re missing some terrific tips about promoting yourself and your work. And I recently interviewed Shelli about branding, so if you want the whole scoop on that, you can read my WOW! Women-on-writing article here.

Nathaniel Lachenmeyer is a children’s author, but he’s written for adults, too. In fact, he’s written A LOT. And he’s very good at getting his manuscripts published.  He really likes the picture book paradigm, does his research, and trusts his instincts. It’s a process that works well for him.

I loved schmoozing it up with all the writers, whether they were presenting or soaking up the presentations. I always learn something when I attend writing events.  I’m not sure Cathy-on-a-Stick learned a blame thing…wait! I don’t think I’ve introduced Cathy-on-a-Stick here at Finders and Keepers.

She’s quite the find, I suppose. But I’m not sure she’s worth keeping. Still, where I go, she goes. And people seem to really like CDSCN2348athy-on-a-Stick. Southern Breezers Elizabeth Dulemba and Leslie Muir got altogether carried away!

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