What Not to Do Wednesday on Freebies

I almost did it, grasshopper. I came this close (picture me pressing my thumb and pointer finger together, leaving just a smidgen of space) to skipping out on the AJC Decatur Book Festival Writer’s Conference this year.

And then I thought “Whaddaya, crazy or something? Here’s a bunch of talented writers, happy to share their words of wisdom, for FREE, and you’re sitting around whining to yourself about traffic.”

Yeah, that’s right, grasshopper. Not a fan of traffic. Or crowds. Both of which are bound to be a problem at the DBF. But I pulled on my big girl britches…and coerced one of the Junior Halls into going with me. Whatever. The point is, I emailed somebody to reserve a spot at the workshop I wanted to attend. Um, I didn’t actually get the workshop I wanted to attend. But I’m bound to get in some workshop. For FREE.

So, don’t let stuff like traffic or crowds keep you from taking advantage of wonderful writing opportunities in your area. Especially when those opportunities are FREE!

5 thoughts on “What Not to Do Wednesday on Freebies

  1. OK. I have a feeling I know which "junior Hall" went with you. (Process of elimination) So, I'm expecting an updated version of the song "Things I See In The Room At The Decatur Book Festival."

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