Finding a Children’s Writing Class

775I’m sure that quite a few of you (okay, ALL of you) are writing a children’s book. But that’s a long process, isn’t it? What you could do, while waiting for your fantabulous manuscript to get picked up and published, is try other kinds of children’s writing. Oh, like non-fiction articles, fillers, crafts, interviews, or even short fiction. And I know a great class where you can learn more about those kinds of writing.

And here’s why I know it’s not just good, but great. I know the instructor, Margo Dill, who’s a prolific writer and has enjoyed success in getting her children’s work published. The class is through WOW!, and I know that they’re very picky about the instructors they use. And finally, I know that Margo and WOW! really want you to succeed, so they’ll be there with plenty of support. Take a look at what you get (and find more info at the WOW! website):

START DATE: Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DURATION: 7 weeks

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This class will teach the basics of writing for children’s magazines, crafting short stories, nonfiction articles, poetry, and fillers. The student will come away with a short story and cover letter, nonfiction query letter, and a filler or poem. She will also have a list of potential markets, fitting her manuscripts. The instructor will also share an organizational tool for submissions and information on finding other children’s writers and networking.

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