Finding a Winning Story!

I sat down to write about the winning story a few hours ago…but I wanted to change my photo in the Finders and Keepers header. That was simple enough. Then the new header looked so fine, I decided to tweak the appearance of F & K. And then I saw that Flickr thingie and thought, hey! Why not add a few photos?

Um, time passed. Mostly because I have RSS issues. Just when all was lost, I figured it out! (Yeah, I broke down and went to the Support page.) And I learned a little something something about RSS. Totally made my day. Not as much as winning a contest. But it was pretty awesome.

DSC00554So, the story. The White County Creative Writers had TONS of categories in their 2009 writing contest. Including a Children’s Fiction category (How fortuitious!) I’d written a fun science fiction story called The Problem with S.H.E. but I couldn’t find anywhere to send that story. At least, not anywhere that might consider financial remuneration for services rendered. Off the story went. And back it came with a check!

And it’s not published. So, it still belongs to me. Wheee!

Here’s my tip for the day: Consider a contest if you have a great story but no paying market for it. A contest check  in the hand is worth more than a handful of non-paying publications!

I'm Always Fishing for Compliments. Wait! Comments! I meant Comments!

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