Pssst! Finding a Secret Seed Society

sssbooksLettuce begin quickly, y’all!

Squash your brain cells together to come up with a great idea about an onion. Not just any onion, mind you. This Onion will have to fit in with the rest of the bunch if you hope to win the writing competition sponsored by the Secret Seed Society.

Now, I don’t carrot’all if you’ve never written a story where you had to personify a veggie. For the prize money involved, it’s certainly worth a try! And there are plenty of details provided to give you an idea of what these folks are looking for. Orange you at least going to take a look?

So, write fast, ’cause you only have till October 5 to get your 700 word story sent. Wouldn’t it be radish if you won?

(Am I the only one who’s suddenly starving???)

I'm Always Fishing for Compliments. Wait! Comments! I meant Comments!

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