Finding Something Friday on Cup of Comfort Competition and Connections

So, let’s say you have this GREAT story. A story that really happened, and maybe even changed your life. A story that grabs the heart strings and makes folks smile or gasp or take a hankie out. That’s a story that could win the Cup of Comfort Reader’s Choice Competition.

Finally, here’s an opportunity for that GREAT story that didn’t quite fit into any of the categories of Cup of Comfort books that were published (or to be published). Yes, there’s an entry fee. But there’s also some great prizes, including your story in the Cup of Comfort Reader’s Choice Edition. And best of all, people vote. (Okay, I realize that editors are people, too. But editors can be the teensiest bit picky. Whereas reader people are just looking for a GREAT story.)

So, write that GREAT story, join the C of C community, and submit by January 15th. Read more details here to improve your chances. And when your story is chosen and people get to vote, let me know. Because I’m reader people, and I’d love to smile, gasp, or yes, grab a tissue or two and vote for your story.

Oh, and you can tell everyone about your GREAT story when you sign up with Networked Blogs. It’s a Facebook application that allows you to network your blog all over the Facebook Kingdom. So, if you’re already the social type, chatting up friends and family on FB, sign up your blog and get the message out. ‘Cause you’re writing GREAT stories every day. Might as well share the wealth!

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