Keeping the Light on to Read

I don’t have little guys reading in the Hall house these days, but I write for little guys. So, I like to keep up with what guys read. (I keep up with what girls read, too. Nothing sexist to see here, folks.)

I check out books from the local library (I’m very big on supporting my local library with tons of overdue fines), and peruse booklists to see what the kiddies are reading. And I get to read books when I host a blog tour. In fact, I’ve got a great 8 to 12 year old read coming up November 3rd.

It’s called Secret of the Sacred Scarab (you may have noticed it on Keeping the Light On to Read). It’s a mysterious adventure that takes place in Egypt, and weaves ancient Egyptian history, culture, and religion into an intriguing tale . The author, Fiona Ingram, sent me a list of all kinds of books about Egypt.  I thought I’d share a few that you might find at your local library, just to get you in that old Egyptian mood:

Egyptology by Emily Sands (also her Egyptology Code-Writing Kit.)

The Ancient Egypt Pop-Up Book by The British Museum and James Putnam

Fun with Hieroglyphs by Metropolitan Museum of Art, Catharine Roehrig

Don’t those books look like fun reads? Be sure to join me November 3rd for Peek-a-Book with Fiona Ingram and The Secret of the Sacred Scarab. You’ll find a great read here for your guys (and dolls)!

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