Finding Something Friday: Dark and Light Connections

This week, a friend asked me about Linkedin. She wanted to know a little something something about this business network, and since I’m on LI, she thought I could answer her questions. Namely, what do I use it for?

Hmmmm. So, I had to think a minute. What DO I use it for? Well, connecting with other writers, and interesting folk. This week, I joined in a discussion about the noir genre, and met Mike, who edits the Noir Journal. Which I zipped over to check out, and found lots of fantabulous stuff about Noir.

Now, I don’t write Noir, but I enjoy a good, dark, nobody wins read every once in awhile. And I like when folks kindly link to me in their publications. So, go read Journal 4 ( find something dark to read. And if you’re on Linkedin, give me a shout and we’ll make a connection.

And now for something completely different, and a bit lighter. And all about the dog connection. I’m not gonna lie. This video made my day.

8 thoughts on “Finding Something Friday: Dark and Light Connections

  1. I enjoy your blog. I've been reading for some time, but hadn't joined your followers list. Now, I'm a follower. By the way, are you the same Cathy C. as the one in the Writer's Net forum? Not stalking…I just put it together after seeing the name there. Thanks for the leads, tips and resources for writers!Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa, thanks for sta-I mean following :-)I think that must be another Cathy C. over at Writer's Net. Unless that Cathy C. is scathingly brilliant.Then yeah, that's me, all right.(Just kidding, Lisa-but now I'm curious and will have to do a little following of my own :-)Thanks so much for stopping by and introducing yourself!

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