Tooting My Horn for Sally Dog (and the Artsy Ruth!)

Sally the Crazy Dog is as much a Hall as anyone else around here…and in an ironic twist, Sally may be the only Hall NOT in the dog house at the moment. But that’s not why I’m tooting the horn for Sally (though it is worth a da-da!).

Sally sat still for a moment so I could take a photo of her. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Sally’s a professional sleeping dog. BUT, whenever I get the camera out, she goes into action. Hence, the apt moniker: Sally the CRAZY dog.

And the reason I needed a nice, curled up photo of Sally was that my writer buddy and rock artist, Ruth, was making a rock. Not just any rock-a painted rock that looked just like Sally. I wanted Juniorest Hall to have this keepsake to take off to school.

Okay, I know it’s April. But considering my track record with Juniorest Hall (the third in line), he’s lucky to be getting the rock before he graduates (he’s a college freshman).

And P.S., Ruth will paint just about any critter on a rock. And I think these keepsakes are perfect for seniors graduating and leaving beloved pets behind at home. So, here’s a horn-toot for Ruthie’s Rocks, too. Da-da-da-dada!

Oh, and P.P.S. Ann over at Ann’s Rants won the Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Thanks, Dad! And thank you for all those lovely comments. I wish I could send a copy to each and every one of you. But I can’t. I’m too busy buying rocks. (Send me your address, Ann!)

Finding Something Friday: Dark and Light Connections

This week, a friend asked me about Linkedin. She wanted to know a little something something about this business network, and since I’m on LI, she thought I could answer her questions. Namely, what do I use it for?

Hmmmm. So, I had to think a minute. What DO I use it for? Well, connecting with other writers, and interesting folk. This week, I joined in a discussion about the noir genre, and met Mike, who edits the Noir Journal. Which I zipped over to check out, and found lots of fantabulous stuff about Noir.

Now, I don’t write Noir, but I enjoy a good, dark, nobody wins read every once in awhile. And I like when folks kindly link to me in their publications. So, go read Journal 4 ( find something dark to read. And if you’re on Linkedin, give me a shout and we’ll make a connection.

And now for something completely different, and a bit lighter. And all about the dog connection. I’m not gonna lie. This video made my day.

Much To Do About Marketing, Writer Mama, and Cats and Dogs

Normally I’d wax poetic about the snow we had in Georgia because that’s what Southerners do. But I’ve got too much writer-y stuff to catch up on, and too many interesting Things to Do for you.

Thanks to speaker Shelli Wells’ tips at the Springmingle conference, I’ve got a few tweaking tasks, like my website and my kiddie lit blog. If there’s one thing that everybody harped on all conference long, it was marketing yourself. You can check out Shelli’s Market My Words and get a few of those tips for yourself. And read all about her “Comment Your Butt Off” Contest and how you can win a free website building consult from Shelli.

If you weren’t the lucky winner in my Writer Mama Giveaway, you should scamper over to Christina’s Writer Mama blog and find out where she’s giving away a copy of her book today. Every day in March (Yes, every day) she’s giving her book away on a different blog. Seriously, Christina Katz is a marketing machine.

And, finally, maybe you’re like me and thinking about doing some actual, er, writing. I’ve got to get to work on my “what I learned from my dog and cat” stories for those Chicken Soup books (Stories due March 31st). It’s going to take some serious thinking to come up with anything I learned from Sally the crazy dog. I mean, let’s be honest. I already knew how to be crazy.

Okay, maybe I’ve got time for one snow picture. But no waxing poetic.